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  • Favorite Outdoor Clothing + Travel Fashion
  • Must-have Camping Gear
  • Great Reads (my favorite books!)
  • Gear we create with (camera and photography equipment, etc)


Favorite Outdoor Clothing + Travel Fashion: 

for the adventurous and nomadic woman

These are all products in which I, myself, own.  You can even see them throughout my Instagram feed.  They are cute, comfortable and functional articles of clothing that complete my travels.  Mostly, I keep it basic/neutral so that I can easily mix + match outfits and fit it all in a carry-on.  Whether you’re walking the streets of Rome or hiking the mountain trails in the Canadian Rockies, these are wonderful pieces to take on your explorations.





Must-have Camping Gear:

for the wild spirits

These are my favorites for camping and backpacking.  Some are necessary tools and others are bonus comforts.  Regardless, pack these in on your next wilderness journey!




Great Reads:

for those struck by wanderlust + deep love of the great outdoors

These books have immensely impacted my life.  Their words are profound and enlightening, heart-warming and inspiring.  If you have an unquenchable wanderlust, like myself, be sure to give these reads a try.




The Gear We Create With

for the traveling blogger + vlogger

All the gear listed below are what my husband, Doug, and I use to film and photograph all of our adventures (they’ve helped us produce the photos and videos on my site and feeds).  They are all so valuable for creating quality content on the go.



More to come!

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