Sippy-Slappy Hour

Welcome to my weekly podcast / YouTube talk show with my life-long, best friend, Nate.  The two of us talk about various funny topics each week – segments include: “Let It Go”, “Facebook Funnies of the Week”, “Remember When..”, “Off the Clock Talk” and more!  We’ll also be playing silly games and taking random funny quizzes etc, along with doing a weekly giveaway to one of our lucky viewers!  All the while, Nate and I will be sipping on our “cocktail of the week” made by Nate (who happens to be a bomb bartender!).  Join us as we grow slap-happy (hence slappy) the more we sip (sippy) …HA, see where the name came from? 😛

Extended Trailer:

Episode Five – Truth or Dare?

Episode Four – Review of 2017

Episode Three – A Very Merry …Piss-mas?

Episode Two – A Very Merry …Sexmas?

Episode One – Cosmos, Chaos, Rants and Rumors

Introduction video:

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