Where can petroglyphs be found: Hidden Wyoming

where can petroglyphs be found

Upon our journey to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, we stayed in the small western town of Dubois, Wyoming. We never thought to ask “where can petroglyphs be found?” but, nonetheless, we uncovered the hidden secrets of this cowboy land thanks to the help of some unexpected friends. Like all good travels, a surprising […]

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2018: A Big Year in My Life

This past year was a big one for me, and not in the way 2016 was where I got engaged and married and promoted, etc.  This year was a huge year of personal growth; a year of expansion and drive.  This year was internally immense for me because I proved to myself that I am […]

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There’s Still Good in the World: Tales of Kindness

Tis’ the season to spread cheer and joy (as is every day we breathe and inhabit this world).  However, during the holiday, I find it vital to share some stories of hope and gratitude in contrast to all the stories of horror and despair the news relentlessly spews at us.  It’s crucial to give THANKS […]

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