My Travel Vlogs

Not only do I love to write about my adventures, I love to film them as well.  Most of these videos are filmed on my iPhone, GoPro or handheld and they act as more of a “behind the scenes” video to compliment our professional ones.  In short, these are just for FUN!  

However, as of recently, I am joining forces with my talented husband and beginning to create many more professional-looking videos in the future (beginning partially with my Southern Florida Vlog and wholly with my Amsterdam Video below).  

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Rating: 10 out of 10.

Mindy’s Mini Travel Videos

The following are roughly one minute “mini” videos from some of my travels (mostly filmed by Doug Michaels and edited by me).


Iceland’s Waterfalls

Canadian Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park

Voyageurs National Park by houseboat

Rating: 10 out of 10.

The following are all older travel vlogs taken from my YouTube Channel.

Our Voyage in Voyageur National Park

Voyageur National Park in Northern Minnesota

Check out my journey – along with my husband and two best friends – as we cruise the lakes and bays of the Northern Minnesota-Canada Border on a Voyagaire Houseboat (named “Rub-A-Dub”). Experience the wild beauty of these waters and countless islands as we kayak, swim, explore, tube, relax, kayak some more, fish etc. (We did cliff jump as well, however I didn’t capture that experience in this video – to see more, head over to Doug Michael’s youtube channel!). Regardless, we had the BEST time being free in this beautiful wilderness that I had no idea would impact my soul so much! In fact, I never knew this place existed until this magical experience (and maybe you didn’t either?), so take a look! Towards the last 6 minutes of the video, Namakan Lake is the main feature and it is a piece of heaven on earth. Hope you enjoy!

Canadohta Lake: My Home Away from Home

Lake Canadohta, PA

I spend a fun-filled weekend up at the Lake (my second home) with my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my grandma. We fish, play yard games, feed baby ducks, bike ride, play putt putt, enjoy campfire nights and kayak! I have grown up coming to this lake since I was a baby and some of my best memories as a kid were made here.  I am so grateful that my Aunt & Uncle bought a cottage and the family memories continue to build. I’m so excited to share this secret gem with you all!  Check it out…

“Western Wandering” series:

I posted a daily vlog on Youtube sharing behind the scenes footage of Doug and I’s 22 day adventure out West (southwest & northwest) including: our bus road-trip with our friends, our wedding in Las Vegas, and our honeymoon up the PCH and back down Route 395.

First Stop, LA

Intro video of Doug and I arriving in Los Angeles and meeting up with our friends.  Also in this video is a first look of the bus that we will be traveling in and living out of as we explore the southwest for the week to come.

Salton Sea & Slab City

Day 2 of our journey:  We pick up more friends from the airport.  Then, we drive from LA to the Salton Sea & Slab City where we camp for the night. Watch the hilarious behind the scenes clips on our newly christened bus (end of video) named Gladys. Today’s vlog is full of shenanigans – from a strip show on Gladys to watching a gorgeous sunset in the desert. ✌🏼

Slab City Tour, Salvation Mountain & 911 to Yuma

On the third day, we wake up and tour Slab City (we even get invited into a local man’s home, named Raven). Raven was super nice and chatted with us for some time. Afterwards, we drive on over to Salvation Mountain – a brilliant work of art. Not long after leaving Salvation Mountain, Gladys begins to crumble and we find ourselves in a bit of a dilemma…

Wedding at White Sands

This was a very special day – we journeyed to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico to wed Joe & Maddie. John, their long time friend, was the officiant (Father Fuzz) and the rest of us filmed, helped out and admired this incredibly beautiful and personal ceremony. Now, their REAL video (with dialogue and high production value) will be released later by Doug. This is merely snaps I took on my phone throughout. This day was perfect. Take a look …

Thanksgiving at the Grand Canyon

Next along our “Western Wandering” journey: The gang and I spend Thanksgiving at the Grand Canyon. Despite the COLD (camping in 15 degree weather), we had a beautiful day at this gorgeous place. Furthermore, Father Fuzz brought the crew Thanksgiving crafts and cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner. Also note, Gladys is back in action for the holiday. (Half my video was unable to be recovered so the day before this is missing – sorry 😟). Enjoy!

Our Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Next stop along our adventure is my favorite:  Doug and I get married in Vegas and it was everything and more than we expected! Our closest family and friends flew in for the celebration and we had the time of our lives. A true Vegas experience! From the limo rides, to the ceremony and our names in the lights, to the photos session in front of the Bellagio Fountain, to everyone congratulating us left and right, to our delicious dinner at the Stratosphere, to our wild night dancing in the club, to winning big on roulette….I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  A dream.

*Note:  This video is NOT filmed by me.  This was filmed by Joe Nugent (our good friend who came along on this journey and got married in White Sands) and it was edited by Doug.

San Francisco

Doug and I take off on our own journey – heading up the PCH to explore the Northwest on our honeymoon. We depart LA and spend our first full day in San Francisco. My favorite moments were: watching ALL the sea lions at the Fisherman’s Wharf and watching the sunset on the beach below the Golden Gate Bridge. San Fran is one of the most beautiful cities in the US!!

Redwood National & State Parks

We leave San Francisco and arrive in the Redwoods, where we hike and explore all over.  We stay in a cozy cottage on the coast, have a picnic right beside an elk and fresh bear scat (and pawprints), drive through a flooded road, hike to Lady Bird Johnson Grove and wander all throughout these magical, enchanted forests.

Oregon Sand & Snow

It’s my first time ever being to Oregon! Damn, is she beautiful!!! We had so much fun adventuring there – so much fun that I had to combine multiple adventures into one vlog, I ran out of time to do more.  We ATV on the Oregon Sand Dunes then drive inland to ski on Mt. Bachelor while staying at an immaculate lodge. I love it there and certainly plan to come back to explore Oregon more in the summer months.

Cow Traffic, Shoe Tree & Beer Garden

What a title for this next episode in my series!  We have a stroke of misfortune on our journey, and are stuck in Bend, OR for another night as a huge snow storm is about to hit. Once we’re able to get back on the road again, we ice skate (in our car) down a mountain, get stuck in cow traffic, discover a shoe tree, and finally arrive in Tahoe. Then, we dine at “The Beer Garden”, listen to awesome live music, meet some cool locals, and have ourselves some FUN!! 🙌🏻

South Lake Tahoe & Heavenly Mountain

We wake up nice and early to a beautiful morning in South Lake Tahoe. Not quite finished with “The Beer Garden”, Doug and I head on over there for a delicious breakfast. (Side note: “Basecamp” is such a RAD place to stay – I 100% recommend it!!!) After our meal, we explore around the lake and take a walk on the beach/ice/frozen water? Then we ride the Heavenly Gondola to the top of Heavenly Mountain and see some heavenly views!  On our way back down, the extreme winds pick back up and I receive a text from the village below saying that they are closing her down due to unsuitable conditions. we make it?? 😟

Mt. Whitney & The Mobius Arch

Part one of this day: Doug and I drive to stunning views of Mt. Whitney (highest peak in lower 48) in Lone Pine, CA and explore the Alabama Hills. After searching for a long time, we finally found the Mobius Arch Trailhead and took a gorgeous hike to discover the Arch. Once there, she does not disappoint! To make our time in this incredible nature even more enjoyable, we were utterly ALONE. Go check it out! (part 2 up next…)

Trona Pinnacles & Joshua Tree National Park

In my last video of our Western Wandering adventures, Doug and I watch the sunset at the Trona Pinnacles then, the next and final day, we spend our time exploring Joshua Tree National Park: climbing rocks, dodging snake holes, admiring a very old landscape and enjoying the warm sunshine – it was a perfect ending to a perfect journey. We even catch views of the Salton Sea – our first destination – as our trip comes full circle. Check it out. Like, comment & SUBSCRIBE. Many more adventures to come! ✌🏼️