Food and Drink Tour of Bruges (Travel Vlog)

In this short travel vlog, I give you a mini food and drink tour of Bruges, Belgium. Of course, I devour and relish in these tasty delights that Belgium is utterly famous for – Enjoy!

Photo taken by: Doug Michaels

Amid our Netherlands journey, Doug and I decided to take a quick detour to the delightful town of Bruges, Belgium. Due to the Netherlands’ small size, it’s quite convenient to travel to nearby cities and towns in neighboring countries. Not to mention, I was yearning for some GOOD BEER.  No offense to the Netherlands and Amsterdam, but their beer is: Amstel and Heineken (unsatisfactory beer for my tastes). I knew the fix: a proper food and drink tour of Bruges.

I’m so happy we made the short voyage to Bruges because it’s such a nice change of pace in comparison to Amsterdam.  I LOVE the city life, but some times it’s nice to escape to a smaller, quainter town (though Bruges is still a hopping destination nonetheless).

The 3 key things to know when on a food and drink tour of Bruges:

1. Belgian Beer

Photo Sep 05, 5 08 23 PM

2. Belgian Chocolate

Photo Sep 05, 5 08 18 PM

3. Belgian Waffle

Photo Oct 11, 1 19 26 AM

These Belgian delights were enough to make me one happy gal!  However, we of course did much more sightseeing around iconic places such as Rozenhoedkaai (photo’d above with me in it), The Market Square and Walplein Square.

We even visited the Bruges Beer Museum where guests have an interactive experience and history lesson: learning the beer-making process, touching and smelling the beer-making ingredients, seeing historic brewer photos and hearing stories from their brewing past.  At the end of the comprehensive all-things-beer tour, each person is offered a chance to taste three of their sixteen beers on draft (you get three full-size glasses of beer for free).  This tour was right up my alley!  Heerlijk!

Best part (besides the beer): The bar has the BEST view over the Market Square (ie. beer photo above).

To see our full adventure and highlights, visit my post: Never Bored in Amsterdam: My Favorite Things to Do.

As always….

Thank you so much for tuning in and happy travels,


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