Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum: Ghost Hunt (FULL VIDEO)

Take a look inside the famously haunted Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum as I, along with my two cousins + husband, get locked inside its terror-filled walls for a night. This massive, abandoned asylum dating back to the mid-1800s once housed thousands of mentally ill patients clear up until 1994 when it was forced to close. It faced an abundance of problems including extreme over-crowdedness which inevitably led to horrific living conditions +more.  The asylum was built to sustain approximately 250 patients and ended up holding 2,400+ in the 1950s.

Beyond this, an ice-pick lobotomy was a commonly practiced procedure within these walls.   Patients murdered one another.  Patients committed suicide.  Some patients weren’t even ill at all!  It wasn’t unusual for husbands to drop off their wives claiming they had “menstruation sickness” dubbing them insane.  They’d do this to legally rid themselves of their marriage and, thus, proceed to find a new lass.  It’s ABSURD and utterly cruel.   The unimaginable terrors these walls have laid witness to are heart-wrenching and enough to send chills down any visitor’s spine the second their feet cross its threshold.  It’s a no-brainer as to why this building is now home to countless restless and tormented spirits.

Watch along as we attempt to communicate with some of the well known spirits, actually hear from some lesser known souls, get pranked by a child (and a cat?) spirit, witness where patients and criminals were held captive and died, tour the basement where Walter Freeman performed the ice pick lobotomies, see artwork made straight from the patients’ themselves, feel hot breaths on our necks, hear an abundance of disturbing noises and..shadow figures? CHECK IT ALL OUT in the video below ↓



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love stories + learning from the past and these walls are alive with them, aplenty.  What better way to discover these stories and the asylum’s history than by being locked in, for 8 hours overnight, and exploring each and every floor through-in-through?!

I was, undoubtedly, a tad nervous because I did not want to intrude or cause any further unrest towards these poor spirits.  However, I made sure to be as respectful as possible as I entered each hall and room.  Furthermore, I listened as best as I could to all that I was taught and was open to receiving any/all communication.  It was an eye-opening and unreal journey – one that I would gladly take again.  With respect and good intentions, I urge you to take this adventure on as well (if haunted explorations are your thing, too).

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Photo by: Doug Michaels

Available Dates for Overnight Ghost Hunts this October 2019 are:

9/2709/28, and 10/05

Cost is $100.00 + tax per person.

To find out more info and reserve your spot ASAP visit:  Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Ghost Hunts and Tours.

It’s absolutely worth every penny!  You get about an hour and a half to spend on each floor and are split into groups of no more than a dozen people.  With the sheer mass of each floor, you rarely run into another person UNLESS you choose to stick with your peeps.

A tour guide will show you around the halls at the beginning of each floor (for roughly 30 minutes) and tell you some interesting facts, ghost sighting tales, bone-chilling history and perhaps even some personal stories.  Then, after their 30-minute tour, you are free to roam that entire floor for the remaining hour+.  You’re also permitted to bring along any ghost hunting equipment and video equipment that you fancy.  If you grow tired or hungry, there’s an available holding room at your service ANY TIME.

You may just make some new friends (or foes) during the wee hours of the night this Halloween season.  The possibilities await.

What’s one of the most haunted places you’ve ever explored?  Have you ever had a ghost encounter?  I’d love to hear about it!


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