Finding Wild Elk in Benezette, Pennsylvania

elk viewing guide in benezette

Finding wild elk in Benezette, Pennsylvania is an unbelievable joy and I’d love nothing more than to help guide your experience and share mine! At times, our home state can become commonplace as we grow apathetic towards it through the years. But, let me tell you: it is never dull or uninteresting! We just have to look and see all the beauty that surrounds us everywhere! And honestly, Autumn in Pennsylvania is pretty darn magical! Witnessing the Pennsylvania elk in rut amid the misty mornings is one of the most stellar sights. In my opinion, it’s one of the best fall getaways in the state! Now, where and how can you view the elk in rut you may wonder? Check out my vlog below for some firsthand tips and elk sightings (plus, hear them bugle and more)!

<strong>Author:</strong> Mindy Michaels, <a rel=
Author: Mindy Michaels,

Main Photographer: Doug Michaels

My name is Mindy Rose Michaels and I am an avid adventurer and traveler.  I “work to travel” (as I like to say) and thus, live a very unconventional life. My husband, Doug, and I are freelancers in the film industry and work on various reality/doc tv shows for a multitude of networks, such as: Travel Channel, Animal Planet, NBC, Discovery, A&E, Starz, HGTV etc.  Our work keeps us constantly moving and constantly on our toes AND, when we’re not working, you best believe we’re still on the move. Always. Because we love to travel as often and as far as possible.
finding wild elk in benezette, pa

Finding Wild Elk in Benezette, Pennsylvania Vlog

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Where’s your favorite local spot to view wildlife? Wildlife viewing is my favorite adventure of all the adventures! Couldn’t enjoy it more!

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