Mesa Verde Vlog

My first stop along my Utah road-trip is a one day, one night pit stop in Mesa Verde National Park (the only place on this trip we visited NOT in Utah..however, we couldn’t pass her up!). This place is full of ancient cliff dwellings and pueblos from the Anasazi people, created thousands of years ago – some as old as 500/600 AD.

This vlog begins with our arrival in Salt Lake City, Utah.   There, Doug and I meet up with his younger brother, Cody (aka Ruark).  We gather supplies and hit the road, journeying southeast towards the Utah/Colorado border, through the snow-peaked mountains and red-rock desert.

Join us as we explore hundreds of archeological sites across 40 miles of road spanning Mesa Verde.  We end the day by setting up camp in the national park – tenting under the stars and enjoying a lovely campfire.

Take a look…



Next video on this trip to be released will be: Canyonlands National Park – stay tuned!

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