Needles at Canyonlands National Park: Overnight, Backcountry Hike (VLOG)

In this vlog, Doug, Cody and I begin with a quick stop at Newspaper rock (a rock covered in ancient petroglyphs – literally COVERED). Next, we hop right onto the trail and begin our overnight hike into the backcountry of Needles at Canyonlands National Park. Doesn’t take long before the three of us find ourselves LOST.  Well, at least lost from the trail we were SUPPOSE to be on among what’s known as “The Maze”.   Do we make it to camp before nightfall?

The next day is one of the most perfect of days – we wake up SUPER early to hike back out, this time on the right path! We wander through slot canyons and countless amazing rock formations as the sun rises and shines brightly (but before the intense, desert heat sets in).  It was the BEST.  One of my favorite memories! Canyonlands is something else, that’s for sure. She’ll always have a special place in my heart.

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Next up: Canyonlands part 2: the Northern section along with Moab and… DINO TRACKS! YUP, that’s right..REAL dino tracks!  Stay tuned.

Happy travels! xoxo


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