Upper Canyonlands, Dino Tracks and Moab (VLOG)

This vlog (#3 in the series) begins halfway through day 3 – after our overnight hike in the Needles at Canyonlands.

We journey to Moab where we explore Upper Canyonlands (Mesa Arch, Green River Overlook and more!) and even visit DINO TRACKS – woahhh, say what!!? We see many more petroglyphs at the dinosaur track site as well.

We wake up on day 4 and hit up the Jailhouse Cafe for a delicious breakfast before heading out to Capitol Reef National Park (which is next up on this list for Vlog #4, along with Mystic Hot Springs). Stay tuned!

Check out my “Unearthly Utah” blog to find out more information about the places we visit in this vlog: Click here to read.

Also, be sure to watch the first two vlogs in this series.  You can find them in the “My Travel Vlogs” section on my website: Click here to watch more vlogs.

Much Love and Happy Travels!


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