Wild in the Wasatch Mountains (VLOG)

Join me as I adventure in the Wasatch Mountains along with my  husband (Doug), my brother-in-law (Cody) and his awesome girlfriend (Bri).  First, Doug and I explore Antelope Island where we encounter beautiful wildlife such as bison and antelope.  This place is mystical and magical – rolling green hills meet the Great Salt Lake, giving me Scotland + Iceland vibes all around.

Next up, the four of us head on over to Park City and hike Iron Canyon Trail.  During this hike we wander through astonishing Aspen groves, see stunning views of the canyon and Park City below, find moose tracks + fur along with many other wildlife trails and hike until the sun sets.

The vlog ends with us hiking Broad Forks Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon (my personal favorite).  We have unbelievable, snow-peaked mountain scenery to ourselves!  I couldn’t recommend this hike more.  At the tail end of this hike, watch as Doug and Cody battle with sticks and I am caught on camera doing… ?  See to find out :-P.

For more on this region of Utah, read my blog: Unearthly Utah, Pt. 2: The Mountains


Thank you for watching and, as always, Happy Travels!




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