Best Sawtooth Wilderness Adventure

best sawtooth wilderness adventure

I had the best Sawtooth Wilderness adventure this summer! To begin, I went backpacking on the Iron Creek Trail up to Sawtooth Lake and then onward! I camped under the stars, took icy dips in the alpine lakes, swam in rivers, soaked in hot springs, hiked until I couldn’t hike no more (just kidding, I can always hike) and, ultimately, had the time of my life! I ended my time in the Sawtooth region by hot spring hopping all around Stanley, Idaho. It was the most perfect way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate my tired and aching body. Watch this best adventure unfold in my new vlog below.

If you’re interested in the best adventures the Sawtooth Wilderness has to offer, check out my post below to get a head start on your natural hot spring soaking near Stanley, Idaho!

No trip to the Sawtooth Mountains would be complete without a day of soaking in some of the downright awesome hot springs near Stanley, Idaho. After all, what better way to soothe your aching muscles and relax after days of exploring? Did you know that Idaho actually has more soakable hot springs than any other state? It boasts an estimated 130! With that being said, there’s no shortage of options. However, this could lead to overwhelmingness – “where do I begin?” In this post, I will list and discuss some of my personal favorites and lump them into one full day’s itinerary!

A Mindy on the Move Travel Vlog:


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Ever been backpacking before?

Your first time backcountry camping can be a bit scary so, with this post, I will provide a beginner’s guide for your wilderness journey to help put your mind at ease. Anything that is out of one’s comfort zone will feel nerve-racking and risky. However, with some practice and preparation you will feel much more confident in taking the leap. It’s utterly worth it! There’s something magical, wild and empowering about carrying all you need on your back as you wander into the unknown – it’s one of the greatest adventures in my eyes. Just picture being miles and miles from civilization with not another human in sight; laying in your uncovered tent at night staring up at the vast, starry sky; waking up to a solo sunrise gleaming on an alpine lake; seeing an elk grazing peacefully in a meadow. All these things, and many more, are at your finger tips when opting to venture into the backcountry. Without further ado…check out my post here.

Another great backpacking trail in the Sawtooth Wilderness….

The Alice Toxaway Loop

Though our week in Idaho didn’t allot time for this trail this go-around, I have seen and read so many rave reviews of it and I definitely hope to do it the next time we go! Check out SHEDREAMSOFALPINE.COM ‘s post below for all the info!

The Ultimate Guide to Idaho’s Alice Lake Hike & Backpacking the Alice Toxaway Loop in the Sawtooth Mountains

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