Mindy on the Move in Yellowstone National Park (VLOG)

Follow along via my vlog as I adventure among the Serengeti of North America: Yellowstone National Park with my husband, Doug, and my best friend, Nate. We see all of her stunning gems, including: Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Canyon + Falls, Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Lamar Valley and SO MUCH MORE. Furthermore, we see […]

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Find Me Where the Wild Things Are: Yellowstone National Park

I stood, silently still, at the forest’s edge just a mere hundred feet away from the wolf’s illuminating eyes and shining black coat.  I peered into her soul, unafraid and invited.  We were connecting and nothing else mattered in that moment in time…. “I’ll be there for you…” ♫ – my alarm clock blasted the […]

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