Highlights of Newfoundland (Video)

In this short Highlights of Newfoundland video, you can view some of the highlights from my incredible, whirlwind Newfoundland journey this past Autumn.  I hiked all over Gros Morne National Park: Tablelands, Green Gardens, Western Brook Pond and more!  Stood on the most eastern point of all North America at Cape Spear. Visited countless, picturesque […]

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Photos, Facts, Stories and Tunes That Will Inspire You to Travel to Newfoundland, ASAP

Newfoundland is a Canadian Island, part of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador,  in the far East of North America amid the North Atlantic Ocean.  It’s so far east that its very own Cape Spear marks the most eastern point of the entire continent.  Unlike Canada’s extremely popular hot spots of Banff National Park and […]

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