Winter Weekend in West Virginia

It’s full-fledge winter time right now in the northeast and most people think that means a halt in adventuring.  Well I say,  “HECK to the NO” to that!  It’s never too cold or too snowy to go exploring – you just have to pack the right gear and clothing and find the right spots for some winter fun.  OR, you can even explore a more “R&R route”.  Either way, the getaways and the exploring do NOT need to cease just because it is winter.   If you’re from Western PA (as I am), West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, Maryland or if you don’t mind traveling a bit further, I have the perfect winter weekend getaway for you…

Mountain Creek Cabins in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia.

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These cabins are gorgeous and perfectly situated among the Appalachian Mountains in all their seclusion and snow covered glory.  Not to mention, you are able to find great deals on Groupon and Living Social for them!  My husband and I found a deal for 2 nights, 3 days at the low cost of $279.00 TOTAL (typically this cabin costs $209 per night in the winter).   Which, even still, is not bad considering all that it includes – like a dope hot tub on the deck!  Even better, if you’re an avid Air BnB user and love it has much as I – you can some times find dates for this cabin listed at the very low cost of $108 per night: Black Bear Cabin, Mountain Creek Cabins Air BnB.  I highly suggest comparing costs on all of these platforms before booking in order to get the best deal.  This particular cabin we stayed in – Black Bear – can sleep up to 5 adults.  Therefore, if you split that among your friends, it is totally worth every penny.   Other cabins on their property can sleep even more.

Let’s talk the Cabin’s charm, amenities, and relaxation:

Black Bear Cabin has two rooms, one with a King size bed and the other with two twins in the loft.  It has a full kitchen complete with all cooking utensils and dining ware.  There’s even a dishwasher, toaster, microwave, coffee maker – you name it!   In the living room area, there is a couch and a rocking chair beside the cozy fireplace.  And, of course, a flat screen TV for those who cannot go without!  However, if you’re like me, you’ll opt to keep it turned off during your relaxing weekend.  Instead of TV, my husband and I played board games at night, such as Clue (which are included in the cabin as well…sweet!) and card games, such as many rounds of Crazy 8’s, as we drank lots of red wine and made bets (winner got a 15+ minute back massage).  There’s one bathroom with a hot shower, toilet and sink (basics) and its own space heater.  On the deck of the cabin is a hot tub overlooking the winter wonderland (the best part in my opinion).  My husband and I put it to great use, that’s for sure!  Overall, the cabin was rustic and charming – log all around!  It was clean, warm and cozy.  It was perfect for some R&R.

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Things to know:

-Make sure your vehicle has 4WD to access these cabins – you are in the mountains and these roads are completely untouched/unserviced/unplowed (you get the picture).   Trust me when I say, it’s a must!

-Bring your own food and wine (or beverages of choice, I should say).  There are no nearby grocery stores, so be sure to stock up before arriving.  After all, its seclusion is a big part of its charm.

-However, the cabin does already come with towels, washcloths, a washer and dryer, soap for dishes, paper towels, toilet paper, cooking supplies, refrigerator, freezer, stove and oven and all of that! 🙂

-Yes, there is WiFi.

Now, let’s talk exploring and adventuring:

To begin with, my husband and I hiked up the mountain that was RIGHT IN OUR BACKYARD!  How cool!?  Behind our cabin, was a creek with a bridge crossing it.  Once across the bridge, we found a trail that led to the top of the mountain – and it just happened to be a perfect winter day for some trekking in the snow.  Once at the top, we arrived at a vast snow covered field that stretched out as far as the eye could see one way.  The other way, we were greeted with a spectacular view of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains and forests as far as the eye could see.   Winter beauty all around us.

“Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.” — Henry David Thoreau

Besides hiking (which is my personal favorite way to explore), you can also adventure in your cabin’s backyard via sledding and/or building a snowman (or snow fort if you’re really committed).   Who says winter can’t be fun?  Seriously.

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood”. — Andy Goldsworthy

After all the cold escapades, warm up in the hot tub and watch the sunset behind the forested hills.  Breathtaking.


Furthermore, nearby Mountain Creek Cabins are more places for adventuring, such as: Coopers Rock State Forest and Wisp Resort.  Coopers Rock State Forest is super close, only a 5 mile drive.  However, Wisp Resort is tad bit further at about 30 miles, 40 minutes.  At Coopers Rock, you can enjoy more snow activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and, of course, more hiking and exploring!  At Wisp, you can have the time of your life skiing on their killer slopes or, if skiing isn’t your thing, you can have a blast snow tubing!  Either way, there are so many options to fill your winter weekend getaway in West Virginia – you’ll be sure to have loads of fun!  AND loads of time to relax and treat yo’ self!  It’s a win-win all around.  I know that my husband and I had a great time here and I was super stoked to share it with you all, hoping to inspire some of you to ENJOY WINTER as well as the other seasons.  Now, get out there and move this winter season and explore the magic of a snow covered landscape.  Much love and happy travels! xoxo

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