Personal Update and What’s on my Horizon

Hey everyone!

I wanted to write this little piece just to explain what’s going on in my life, what travels and adventures are coming up, what obstacles came my way earlier this summer and more. I wish to begin including this “personal content” section on my website so you all can get a better feel for the person behind the travel blogging. Hope you enjoy!

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First of all, I apologize, but I will not be releasing any new travel blogs/vlogs for the next 10-12 days because I will be busy creating! Creating what, you may wonder?

For starters, earlier this year, I founded a local women’s adventuring group called “We Are Wild Women” (If you’re a woman and love to be wild and free while exploring nature – check us out: IG @WeAreWildWomen_  {don’t forget the “_” at the end of the IG handle}… also, you can join our Facebook group, We Are Wild Women and see our upcoming events, which include: hikes, kayaking, SUP-ing and even caving). Our Caving (Spelunking) Adventure in Laurel Caverns is this Saturday, 7/21.   After the completion of this exploration, I will be ready to produce my local travel blog, “5 Best Micro Adventures near Pittsburgh, PA” – so be on the lookout for that! (*hint: it also includes rafting down the Yough River in Ohiopyle – an adventure I had an utter BLAST on last weekend).




Next up, right after the Caving Adventure, I leave Sunday night for an awesome, fun-filled girl’s trip to Colorado. This trip (for me) is a mix between work and play. However, when you love what you do, work IS play – it’s downright FUN. I will be filming vlogs and promos for my friend, Tami Gingrow, and her business: Body in Balance Healing Center (IG @bodyinbalanceHC). Tami will be taking my best girl, Jocelyn, and I on a holistic road-trip to the Rockies, where she will be teaching us all about living organically. This will include healing hot springs, yoga practices in the wild, organic face masks, learning massage techniques, plants and foods to be found and used in the wild for nutrition and healing properties, connecting with nature and SO MUCH MORE. I could not be more thrilled to learn from Tami and share her knowledge, enthusiasm and outright passion for holistic living with you all! So be on the lookout for all the incredible content to come from this journey, as well!

Finally, after this whirlwind of a week, I will be flying back to Pittsburgh from Salt Lake City and immediately packing up my car to move to Salem, MA for two months (as my husband shoots and produces for National Geographic’s, “Wicked Tuna”). I’m wicked excited for this extended adventure. Talk about an eventful rest of the month!? See why I won’t be releasing content for a bit? 😜. I literally am driving to Salem no more than a few hours after my flight lands in Pittsburgh, returning me from my Colorado journey.

I must say, taking a solo road-trip through parts of NY I’ve never been to thrills me! I’m excited to wander though uncharted territory (for me) and voyage to a new city (one I’ve never been to).  Oh, have I mentioned how I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Salem and now I get to LIVE there (even if it’s temporary)? I can’t believe how life works out sometimes, it truly fascinates me. I’m so intrigued by all the history and mystery surrounding Salem and, as always, can’t wait to share it with you all! Of course, I’ll be sharing much more of the surrounding areas as well – such as Cape Ann, Boston, perhaps parts of Maine and New Hampshire – you name it! (Actually, if anyone has any suggestions of places to see and things to do in that area – please let me know in the comments below 😀🙏🏻).

Speaking of how the universe works, here’s a tidbit for you..

Most of you don’t know that, this past Spring, I was talking with and beginning to collaborate with a rather large Travel / Touring Agency. They offered me two FREE international trips per year in which I would be blogging and vlogging for them. HOW FREAKING AWESOME, right??! Well, after months of communication and planning – they totally ghosted me (guess they changed their minds?). I was pretty darn bummed about this, but kept a positive attitude and kept doing what I love to do – traveling, writing and filming nonetheless. Why? Because I refuse to quit and was determined to will my goals, hopes and dreams into existence. Now, they’re not fully fruited quite yet – but my oh my, how the universe seems to be on my side in getting me there as of recently.

Personally, I believe it is because I don’t give up and I DO follow my truth and I AM on the right path. I am a firm believer that if you are doing what you are meant to do (following your heart and soul) the Universe will conspire with you. (Okay, okay, enough of sounding like Paulo Coelho – even if he’s an inspo to me).

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But real talk, as I’ve said before, my life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, I have let downs and bad days and things NOT work out in my favor. However, I move past it and continue down my path, following my heart – optimistic that it’ll all work out. And guess what? It usually does!

In this case, even though the Travel Agency collaboration didn’t pan out, I ended up starting a women’s group (that I adore), grew closer to some great ladies and began collaborating and working for Body in Balance (with Tami), had the BEST time in Utah, am taking a holistic journey to CO (one of my favorite places in this nation), spent much needed time with friends & family; at the lake, in Virginia, Cook Forest, Ohiopyle, French Creek via camping trips and more, I am running away from home and having new adventures for a couple months .. then…


Stay tuned, because the year totally isn’t ending there!! ;-). Other big travels are in the works, all which I am SO extremely excited for and grateful for and just downright blessed to be creating. And to everyone reading this – don’t let some obstacles stop you, dang it! Hold your head high, keep working hard, keep listening to and feeding your soul .. and the universe will play her magic ways for you, as well! I have faith.


To sum it up..

I will be away traveling, adventuring and creating much more content for you all in the next 10-12 days, then I will begin releasing:

Unearthly Utah: Pt. 2 (blog)

Northern Utah: SLC, Antelope Island and the Wasatch Mountains (vlog)

5 Best Micro Adventures near Pittsburgh, PA (local blog)

SoFl: Everglades, Key West & the Keys (Vlog)

Peru (Vlog)

My Holistic Journey in Colorado with Body in Balance HC (blog & vlogs).

Salem and all the New England adventures! (Blogs and vlogs).

So yeah, a ton in the works and all will be released within the next month, beginning August (if not the last couple days of July).

Thank you to all my readers for your continued support and patience in this time of absent posts!

Much Love and Happy Travels,


3 thoughts on “Personal Update and What’s on my Horizon

  1. Salem is cool, but a little touristy after the first or second time. Definitely go up to Gloucester and check out that cool little town. Portsmouth, NH is a great town with cool local shopping and places to eat and drink. And definitely get up to Kennebunkport, ME for a visit. I have a number of friends who live/hike up in those areas all the time. I’ll get you some good suggestions off the normal track.

    1. Thank you so much for all this info! Funny thing, my husband will actually be working in Gloucester so I definitely plan on spending a ton of time there and in Rockport (10-15 min away). I’ll look into going to Portsmouth and Kennebunkport! Any suggestions on what to do / see in Kennebunkport, ME? I really appreciate all this info!! 😀

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