Wild Women Wish List: All We Want for Christmas Is…

With much research, along with personal use and experience, these items make some of the BEST gifts for your wild woman.  Does the gal you’re shopping for love to adventure, explore the outdoors, travel the globe and live life free and wild?  If so, this list is a great place to start; ranging from all prices, beginning with the cheapest and ending with the most expensive.  I’ve either personally received these items, asked for these items and/or have tried these items myself.  I would never recommend something I do not personally adore!  These gifts are also vastly differing – from actual trips to learning tools, from survival gear to art, from accessories to clothing, etc.   I hope you enjoy and happy holiday season to all!


This post was inspired by the group I founded:

We Are Wild Women

Join our tribe of wild women on IG: @wearewildwomen_

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-We Are Wild Women is a group of ladies who love to explore the outdoors and go on adventures / excursions with one another. Our goal is to get to know more local adventurers and build a little explorer community of outdoor women; to encourage women in the area to get outside in nature; to help inspire each other to seek adventure and to empower one another to be bold, free and WILD.



Website source: Wylder Goods

Brand: Joshua Tree Skin Care

Clickable link to product: Citronella Camp Soap

Cost: $5.99

About product:

Full of bug repelling essential oils AND being both biodegradable and plant-based, this product is perfect for camp life.  Its gentle and powerful ingredients are multi-useful; laundry, bathing, hair washing, dishwashing, dog washing – you name it!  Furthermore, the key benefit with this great little gift is the fact that it is environmentally friendly (which is so important).  You cannot simply use any old bar of soap while cleansing in the wilderness.  Also, who doesn’t want to clean while simultaneously repulsing those pesky insects!?  I mean.. heck yes!  Such the perfect stocking stuffer for your adventurous soul!




Website source: Earth Hero

Brand: Brush with Bamboo

Clickable link to product: Organic Bamboo Straws – 12pk

Cost: from $8.49(6pk) – $18.99(12pk).

About product:

In this day and age, where 1 billion plastic straws are used per day and are continually harming and killing wildlife + the environment, the simple use of biodegradable straws is SO VITAL.   These straws are artisan-made from Northeast India using real, whole bamboo stalks!  Even more, if properly cared for, these straws can last for years and years – all it takes is some washing with soap and water and even a bamboo straw brush (that you can buy as well) or a pipe-cleaner (for a deep clean).  This product is vegan, not tested on animals, certified and commercially compostable.  They’re small and easy to tote around wherever you go; restaurants, work, camping, in the car – possibilities are endless.  Give a gift that you’ll feel good about and the environment will thank you immensely.



3) WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GEAR: Fire Starter kits + water filters

Website source: REI

Brands: Ultimate Survival Technologies, UCO + Sawyer

Clickable links to products + cost: 

UST Spark Force Firestarter $7.95

UCO Stormproof Match Kit $7.95

Sawyer Mini Water Filter $24.95

About products:

Everyone thinks of buying an emergency medical kit when exploring the outdoors/hiking.  However, you should also consider carrying stormproof fire starter kits along with water filtration systems and these are three of my favorites.  Why?  Because they are affordable, they work and they’re easily carried along in your pack.  Need I say more?  All of these can be found in REI stores or on their website.  You never know when a disaster can strike, landing you stranded in the great outdoors overnight (or longer) and wouldn’t it be grand to know you have an endless supply of drinkable water thanks to your Sawyer water filter (granted you’re not in the desert)?  Wouldn’t it also be reassuring to know that regardless of heavy rains, you can still provide fire for warmth, etc?  These items are essential for any wild lady who loves galavanting throughout the wilderness.





Website source: Amazon

Clickable links to products  + costs:

Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracks $15.03 (paperback)

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs $9.79 (paperback)

Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide $15.81 (paperback)

About products:

Ever hike through the forest and see animal tracks along your path, wondering what type of creature made them?  Reach in your backpack and pull out your handy Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracking and find out!  In Utah, as we hiked the Wasatch Mountains, we continually resorted to our copy as we tracked various critters such as: moose, big horn sheep and even coyotes!  It was so much fun!  Also, how does a guide to edible plants NOT come in handy?!  No one wants to starve and no one wants to be poisoned.  Thus, this guide is a much-needed learning tool to surviving among the wilderness.  Lastly, the best-seller The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs will help you predict the weather, navigate your way, track animals, gather food, take shelter and MORE.  It’ll teach you all of this purely by reading nature (as the title suggests).  It’s such a lost art, yet such practical and crucial knowledge.



Website source: Jenni Bick

Brand: Jenni Bick

Clickable link to product: Slim Flexi Leather Pocket Journal

Cost: $18.00

About product:

These various shades of leather journals made in the USA are the perfect gift for your wild, nomadic soul.  It is slim and sleek, making it very easy to carry around throughout your travels.  Its 64, soft white ruled pages are perfect for jotting down any notes, thoughts and ideas.  As a travel blogger, I love these journals something fierce!  I love their simple yet boho design, their portability and their usefulness.  Even more, you can personalize them with your initials.  I’m always writing down information along my travels (and yes, hand-writing to me is more rewarding than pulling out my phone.  It’s more romantic and timeless – forcing me MORE into the present moment).    Along my hikes, I write down what I experience as I’m surrounded by such grandeur.  I look around and observe, documenting all that I see, smell, hear and feel.  In foreign cities, I jot down street names and restaurants I love, + more.  I can’t recommend a journal enough.





Website source: Wilderness Badass

Brand: Wilderness Badass

Clickable link to product: Wilderness Badass Headwear

Cost: $24.99-$29.99

About product:

If you’re reading this list, chances are high that you, yourself, are a WILDERNESS BADASS.  Also, as a wilderness badass, chances are high that you wake up early to chase the sunrise on mountain tops / canyon overlooks etc.  Therefore, you don’t want bothered with anything hair-related.  All you want to do is throw on a hat and be on your merry way.  Personally, I always hike and camp with a hat in tow (or upon my head).  I simply love this brand because their name and logos are DOPE AF.  They also have an awesome blog: Wilderness Badass Institute of Research and a super rad instagram account: @wildernessbadass – so check them out!



Website source: Etsy

Brand: BPLaserEngraving

Clickable link to product: Personalized Leather Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set

Cost: $29.00

About product:

These custom + adventure skewed leathered luggage tags and passport cover are the coolest.  They’re the perfect way to dress up and protect an adventurer’s belongings throughout all her worldly wanderings.  With many, many incredible reviews (from great communication to product satisfaction), these tags are my personal favorites.  Specifically the mountain design below.  However, there are several more designs I adore as well such as: wanderlust + compass, map + travel quote and more.




Website source: Amazon

Brand: Randy Sun

Clickable link to product: Randy Sun Unisex 100% Waterproof Hiking Socks

Cost: $23.99-$44.99

About product:

Hiking with wet socks is the WORST.  Your feet blister, smell and ultimately, can become infected.  However, with these highly rated 100% waterproof socks, all your soggy feet problems can be put to rest.  These socks supply total protection/barrier against water while simultaneously remaining breathable WITH moisture and perspiration absorption.    Because of their effective + patented 3-layer knitted design, be sure to note that they run about 2 or 3 times thicker than normal socks (so it might be a little difficult to squeeze them into some tight-fitting shoes).  Be sure to account for this when choosing the correct size upon checkout.   Happy feet = happy wild woman.





Website source: Keep Nature Wild

Brand: Keep It Wild Co.

Clickable link to product: Keep It Wild Blankets

Cost: $40.00-$48.00

About product:

First and foremost, these are not your average outdoor blankets…every purchase helps fund and host local wilderness cleanups!  To learn more about these cleanups and to volunteer, visit: Wilderness Clean-ups.

If that’s not reason enough to gift one of these beauties, they’re also made from an extremely soft acrylic cotton/poly blend and handcrafted in Mexico.  As the website states, these blankets are “strong enough to pack along but soft enough to cuddle up with”.  Which obviously makes them the backpacker’s perfect comfort item.  There are many design options as well, all inspired by nature.  For instance, the one on the left (below) was inspired by the colors of the sunset over a canyon.  AH!  How PERFECT!?





Website source: Best Buy

Brand: myCharge

Clickable link to product: myCharge Adventure Portable Charger

Cost: $49.99

About product:

I would be utterly LOST without this gem.  I legitimately take this portable charger everywhere  – along my hikes and backcountry camping, among my walks through foreign cities, on film sets during long LONG work days.  Whenever I need to charge my phone, this nifty pal has got my back.  It fully and rapidly charges my iPhone several times before it needs recharged.  It includes a handy carabiner that conveniently clips onto your backpack, purse, belt + more.  Its rubberized and durable exterior protects it against rough falls, bumps and bruises.  Furthermore, its versatile compatibility enables the charging of various cell phones, tablets, mp3s and more.   Did I mention, it charges your device rapidly?  Considering I resort to my phone for taking photos, research, mapping and pretty much a WHOLE LOT of things while traveling and working, this is a MUST-HAVE for me (as well as any on-the-go type gal).  I’ve tried many portable chargers throughout the years, and this is by far my favorite.





Website source: Muir Way

Brand: Muir Way

Clickable link to product: Topo Series Map

Cost: from $49.00

About Product:

Have a favorite mountain pass to hike or favorite slope to ski?  Have you made remarkable memories among such mountain ranges?  If so, a phenomenal way to commemorate such special times is by ordering your custom-printed topo map.  Every order is sworn to be custom made – they have no inventory.  They begin creating once you place your specific order.  Better yet, you have the option to choose between fine-art archival paper and stretched canvas among an array of color schemes.  Not only will this art piece be personal and special, it’ll  be unique and beautiful hanging on your household wall.  What a conversation starter this will be for all those adventurous at heart!

*Photo below is of Park City, Utah (chose this because I had a blast exploring and hiking there this past spring, 2018).




Website source: Rosetta Stone

Brand: Rosetta Stone

Clickable link to product: Choose a language to learn

Cost: $71.94 (due today) for 6 month subscription

About product:

This has to be one of the most awesome gifts in my book!  E-gift a subscription of Rosetta Stone to your serious traveler and she’ll be forever grateful.  There’s nothing I wish more than to learn the languages of the countries I visit – to be able to effectively communicate with various cultures, far and wide.  I feel lesser when I travel, only fluently speaking English and semi-speaking French.  I’d give anything to learn a new language and this gift is, 100%, on the top of my wishlist.  Personally, I wish to begin learning Spanish ASAP!  Then, perhaps German? Russian?  Japanese?  The possibilities are endless.  If you love to continually learn and grow throughout your travels, I can’t imagine a better gift than the gift of knowledge – the gift of communication.  Oh, and not to mention that the Rosetta Stone program is top-rated. The best way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with it and their proven Dynamic Immersion method does just that.




Website source: Amazon

Brand: HP

Clickable link to product: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Cost: $89.95

About product:

This small, portable printer uses Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to print off social media photos from your smartphone – wherever you are! All you have to do is connect your social media accounts to the free + downloadable HP Sprocket App and BOOM!  Instantly turn your photos into colorful, 2×3 prints.  You can even turn your photos into stickers using the sticky-backed paper for this wonderful + neat little gadget.  Call me childish, but this is a dream come true – printing memories along my journeys. EEEK, swoon, smile. 🙂  And by the way, how crazy is technology?  We legit have a portable printer via bluetooth.  I’m a happy girl!




Website source: Best Buy

Brand: Verizon

Clickable link to product: Verizon Jetpack Mifi Mobile Hotspot

Cost: $99.99 with 2 year contract

About product:

Ok, so this is the only product I’ve recommended so far that I’m not absolutely, 100% saying it MUST be this brand/model, etc.  Whichever Mifi/mobile hotspot works best for you – go for it.  However, a Mifi/mobile hotspot makes a magnificent gift for a woman on the move.  I wouldn’t be able to live my adventurous/nomadic lifestyle on the road while simultaneously keeping up with my work and blogs if it were not for these guys.  Furthermore, we relied on our Mifi for navigating our road-trip around Iceland and it was extremely helpful.  They’re worth the investment if you live the blogger/traveler life.





Website source: Desert Condor

Brand: Desert Condor

Clickable link to product: Shop Desert Condor Jewelry

Cost: ranges from $40 – $275

About product:

Not expecting to see jewelry on this list?  Well..this is THE jewelry for a wild woman and made by a badass woman!  Hannah says (on her website: Desert Condor):

“Everything I do, I do with passion. Every tiny silver rose I make. Every cut. Every casting. Every design. I turn the rock n roll on full blast, or let the raw and true words of outlaw country remind me that I’m not alone. Sometimes I just work in total silence and listen to the hiss of my torch in front of me. But it’s all done with passion. I make my pieces to look like they belong on us, as an extension of who we are and what we are doing. A little uneven. Unpolished. A bit gritty. Playing pool in the dustiest dive bars, at a show, or on the back of a vintage chopper on the highway in the desert. This is me, and this is Desert Condor.” – Hannah

Now that you know more about the artist of these beautiful pieces, who sounds like the raddest chick ever (am I right?), take a look at HOW DANG BRILLIANT they are.  My personal favorite is the Wolf + Turquoise Ring (main photo below).   As she described, they’re the perfect blend of grit and beauty – not too far from a wild woman’s charm.  I’m not a glamorous jewelry girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love accessorizing.  However, when I do, I need my pieces to match my personality – bright, wild, daring, strong, bold, unpolished.  Furthermore, her jewelry is moderately priced and affordable.  If you wish to buy jewelry for the wild woman in your life, Desert Condor is the way to go!






Website source: REI

Brand: Garmin

Clickable link to product: Garmin inReach Explorer+ 2-Way Satellite Communicator

Cost: $399.99

About product:

Stay connected off-grid!  This is the perfect (albeit expensive) present for a wilderness explorer.  I know, without doubt, the benefits of having this gadget during extended, backcountry hiking is immeasurable.  Even though you’re “un-plugged” from society, this 2-way satellite acts as a back-up/satefty measure enabling you to text, share your location or even call for help. Furthermore, it has the capability to preload topographical maps.  Its rechargeable battery lasts for 100 hours at a time and includes: compass, weather forecasting, SOS Function, 2-way messaging AND it is waterproof (among MANY other features and specs).   You never know when disaster will strike and there’s a difference between being daring vs. dumb.  Don’t be reckless while hiking the entire PCT or other various, lengthy trail networks.  This $400 gift could be the deciding factor between life and death.   So, if you truly love a girl who is occasionally foolhardy and has a devil-may-care mentality, then please… GET HER THIS GIFT.  <3




Website source: Groupon

Brand: Varying

Clickable link to product/activity: Things to Do on Groupon

Cost: Also, Varying

About product/activity:

This gift encompasses a vast variety of activities and adventures – the options are plentiful.  You’re also able to “gift” the activity via a surprise e-mail.  For an example, my husband bought me ski-lift tickets + resort stay on Groupon a couple years ago.  It was a good deal (hence Groupon’s purpose) and it was a total surprise + blast of a time!  We hit up some new slopes that we would’ve never thought of trying had it not been for Groupon (Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Michigan).   Speaking on behalf of wild women alike, there isn’t much we love MORE than having new and fun adventures/experiences.  It can even be something as simple as taking her to a shooting range or paint-balling; it can be any thing from a new art class to a new work-out class; it can be a relaxing spa day or an adventure of a lifetime, such as scuba diving or hot air balloon-ing and more.  So many options and so many ways to LIGHT UP HER LIFE.  Want to see her smile the biggest, truest smile?  I promise this is a gift to keep in mind (considering you have the budget).  I’m personally all about the “memories over materials” type of gifts – so go figure this is on my list (as well as the next and final one).




Website source: WOW air

Brand: WOW Airline

Clickable link to product: WOW Flight Tickets

Cost: Varies

About product:

Now, keep in mind, if money isn’t an obstacle then any airline tickets will suffice (without doubt).  However, for those trying to stick to somewhat of a budget, WOW Air is the optimal choice.  WOW offers cheap, international flights – especially during winter season.  Apparently many don’t want to travel to Europe in the winter?  However, that’s when most tourists stay home and when the true travelers venture about (okay, NOT always a rule of thumb, but ya know).  Anywaysss, WOW Air offers flights from a multitude of cities in the U.S. (including my hometown: Pittsburgh) and flies to such destinations as: Grand Canaria, Barcelona, London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Lyon, Milano, Paris, Warsaw, Tel Aviv and many more.

Perhaps you’ve heard others advising against WOW Air prior to this post – well, let me set the record straight: those such people are whiny and miserable travelers if they’re willing to complain about such minor details.  The common complaints regarding WOW: less leg room, smaller luggage allowance, no snacks etc.  BOO HOO!  Pack your own snacks on the flight, pack less belongings and be slightly less comfortable for a bit of time and, the result?.. GET TO TRAVEL FOR MUCH, MUCH LESS.  Like, come on!  Would you rather NOT travel at all vs. take a WOW flight?  Again, if money doesn’t matter, then do whatever you fancy.  But I’ve flown SO MANY airlines and I have zero issues with flying WOW.  Zero.  They’ve always been on time and they’ve always gotten me from point A to point B safely – what more could a wild woman ask for?  I mean, how wild are you if you’re complaining about little amenities/luxuries anyways? Pshhh. 😉  Regardless, I find the leg room to be ample and they DO offer snacks and beverages – just for an added cost.  Furthermore, they’ve always been friendly and helpful AND I’ve witnessed the most stunning scenery while flying with them over Greenland (huge perk in my eyes).

Final point being: Get your lady some plane tickets and fly her to international lands for an adventure of a lifetime, one the two of you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives!  After all, the greatest gift you could give her is a lifetime of adventures. 🙂


PS.  We flew to Amsterdam via WOW air and our flights cost $298 roundtrip!  (Yep, SO CHEAP)!

photo snapped by me on my WOW flight



I truly hope you all found this list helpful.  I also hope it introduced you to some new products/brands/ideas you wouldn’t have thought of or discovered otherwise.  Again, every person is different, but I’d safely bet that if you’re buying for a true wild woman, these gifts will make her ecstatic.  I hope you all enjoy your holiday season and get to spend treasured time with loved ones.


As always, much love and happy travels,



P.S. Let a gal know whether or not you’ve added any of these items to your wishlist OR whether or not you’ve tried any of these gifts yourself.  Also, feel free to throw out your own suggestions!  I’m all ears.


24 thoughts on “Wild Women Wish List: All We Want for Christmas Is…

  1. Some great ideas on here 🙂 I may have to get some of those waterproof socks, as soon as my feet get slightly damp on a hike, that’s it, I’m cold for the rest of the day. Bamboo straws are a great idea too, I’ve only ever seen paper straws and they do tend to fall apart after a few minutes, so you have to drink quick.

    1. Thank you!! And yes, paper straws don’t last long at all!! Bamboo (or stainless steel) is the way to go!! And let me know if you try those socks – they’re game changers 🤙🏻❤️🙌🏻

  2. Some good options here. I’ve only discovered the portable charger recently and it was a life saver during my trip to rural Japan. I can’t believe how great they are! I like the luggage tags too, looks cute.

  3. I love how you have added unique products to this and a lot are enviromental friendly which i love.
    I also totally agree with you about the budget airlines and how people should stop complaining at no snacks and lack of leg room because it’s nothing if you get to travel.
    Great post

  4. Great to see so many eco-friendly products on the list. I love the TOPO maps—what a great gift idea! If I could choose just one item, I don’t think I could go past a plane ticket 🙂

    1. Believe me, I agree! Plane tickets are always first on my list (and I got them this year haha wooo cheers 🥂). Going to Spain and Rome, Italy in January ❤️. And yesss, I fell in love with the topo map art! Glad you love it as well! Thank you ☺️🙌🏻

  5. Great gift ideas! I admit that I would be lost without my portable battery bank – best gift I have ever received. I also have to say that citronella soap is probably the best invention I have ever heard of!!!

  6. I would LOVE to be on a receiving end of all of these items 🙂 Such good gifting ideas. I especially love the blanket and a mobile hotspot suggestions. Definitely need to look into the citronella soap, seems much more convenient than sprays I currently use.

    1. Thank you! And Iceland is phenomenal (I have a couple posts on Iceland as well). And that hat is amazing – I love the design! Since it’s unisex, it’d make a perfect gift for him too! ☺️🙌🏻

      1. That’s such a tough decision – I can see your dilemma! But in my opinion, since there is SO much beauty to see… I’d opt for the more time to explore option!! You can see aurora a lot of northern places .. but Iceland’s North is drop dead gorgeous as are the western fjords .. and like you said, impossible to reach in the winter, so I’d probably choose summer! Either way, you’re going to LOVE it!! ❤️🙌🏻

  7. These were so insightful and great gift ideas! I had no idea an off-grid phone even existed! I even found these items helpful for future camping trips of mine! Great post!! (:

    1. Thank youuu!! The fact you’re most excited about the off-grid phone and camping items .. I swear, we’re kindred spirits! Haha. Rock on, wild lady!! Hope you have wonderful camping trips to come! 🙌🏻❤️

  8. All the products are absolutely bang on point and every woman would want to have it. I have moved to sustainable lifestyle so leather products would be a big no for me and all eco products like bamboo toothbrush and straws is what I am all in for. Great compilation.

  9. This is a fabulous list, I love the idea of the bamboo straws and how cute are those blankets! In interesting to read about the pocket WIFI, I’m hoping to travel for a whole year in 2020 so its definitely an investment worth looking into for then, thanks for sharing

  10. I’ve never been camping or out in the wilderness so much but I could imagine a lot of this would come in handy. Living now where it rains and snows I feel like i could use the waterproof socks for myself haha. And of course who wouldn’t love some plane tickets

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