Southside Street Art: A Local Treasure Hunt

It’s finally Spring and there’s nothing you’d like more than to walk out your door and take a nice stroll down the city streets, stopping by local shops and grabbing some iced coffee at nearby cafes, right?  To add to this Spring stroll, why not explore all the colorful, inspirational art that lines the streets here in Southside, Pittsburgh?

10 Short Reasons why to seek out the Southside Street Art:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s beautiful
  3. Presents great photo-ops
  4. A  perfect way to enjoy the nice weather
  5. It’s sure to add some cheer and brightness to your walk
  6. It’s different
  7. It’s a fun little treasure hunt
  8. Can be enjoyed solo or with friends
  9. Did I mention, it’s free?  I mean, a free art show!? So cool.
  10. YOU can add to the inspiring art in The Color Park.  Contribute to the beauty of Pittsburgh.


During my street art treasure hunt this past weekend, I came across these following gems…


Photo Apr 12, 5 58 43 PM
Photo by: Doug Michaels

This creepy cool fly-like bug against the oceanic blue brick wall can be discovered alongside the restaurant Thai Me Up on South 23rd Street.  After snapping a cool photo, be sure to go inside Thai Me Up for a delicious Thai lunch.  I highly recommend the coconut ice cream with sweet rice for dessert – it’s my favorite dessert, maybe ever!  It’s simple and AH-MAZING!  A perfect treat to enjoy along your spring stroll.



Photo Apr 12, 4 54 34 PM

What evokes Spring time better than a bird carrying some fresh berries?  This gorgeous piece (along with a bigger one further down the brick building) is right at the parking lot on 18th and E. Carson Street.  After enjoying the murals painted here, hop on a Healthy Ride Bicycle for a low cost to further explore all the art in Southside.


Photo Apr 12, 6 18 31 PM
Photo by: Doug Michaels

Speaking of bikes, right across from Thick Bikes at 62 S. 15th Street / Pittsburgh, Pa / 15203 you can find some stunning works by Baron Batch, such as these radiant butterflies.  Want wings?  Stand in front to have your own.  Be the beautiful butterfly that you are.

Right around the corner from these brilliant butterflies lies more street art created by Baron Batch with the utmost inspiring messages…


How neat is it to be able to see such important words written throughout the neighborhood?  It’s sure to brighten up a dull day and lift a few spirits.  Huge thanks to Baron Batch for helping spruce up the Southside blocks with his immense talent.


Journeying onward, head to 10th Street and East Carson where you’ll see a large masterpiece on the side of 10th Street Tattoo shop.  Even though a bit faded, she remains a truly intricate and ornate lady, exuding strength and beauty.

Photo Apr 12, 5 35 01 PM
Photo by: Doug Michaels


Not only is there an abundance of artwork on building walls, but if you look down while walking / cycling, you’ll find plenty of sidewalk art as well.

Photo Apr 12, 6 22 07 PM

This little reminder to “be free” set my soul ablaze.  I love knowing there’s like-minded folk inhabiting my neighborhood.   It’s comforting to know others recognize the significance of true freedom.  AND, it’s adorable!


Continuing on your lovely art exploration, trek on over to The Color Park along Three Rivers Heritage Trail (between 4th and 6th streets).  This park is literally a blast of colors containing motivating messages, cartoons, characters, animals etc.  Adding to the sweetness of this place, you’re invited to add to the art collection by contributing your own works and/or words.  How fun and rad is that?

Drone photo by: Doug Michaels

Amid the sea of colors, rests this killer piece:  “What if you could be anything?”  And there’s a body outline where YOU lay.  Because..YOU can be anything!  Remember this, always.

I also loved these particular works scattered throughout The Color Park…


There is much more street art to be discovered in Southside (along with the rest of the city), so have at it!  Get exploring!  And be sure to share your favorite pieces with me in the comments OR via social media!

It’s incredible all the cool, unique and fun things you can find around your home if you just look with open eyes.  You don’t need to travel far and wide to fully enjoy a perfect Spring day.


As always, much love and Happy Travels! xoxo



Photo Apr 12, 5 22 46 PM
Photo by: Doug Michaels


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