How do you travel so much?

This question is asked to just about any and all travel bloggers / avid travelers, and each has their own answers.  Personally, I wish to travel MORE than I do and am continually working towards that goal.  However, it’s important to be grateful for the life you’re currently living while working towards the life you dream of.  In all honesty, even though I have bigger goals I am working towards, the life I am currently living has already surpassed my wildest dreams.  As a young girl, I always DREAMED of going to the places I’ve already been to (and some multiple times) and always dreamed of a life full of adventures and endless new experiences and worldly encounters.  And yes, I am so blessed for the life I am living.  But.. let me clarify, that does not mean I do not struggle and that I do not make sacrifices and encounter hardships, etc – because believe me, I DO!  I have to make sacrifices and tough choices in order to live the life that I do – to live life always on the move.


To begin with, I sacrifice a life of security and comfort for my freedom.  As a freelancer in the film industry and as a travel blogger, a job is never a guarantee.  AND, even though I may have a good paying gig lined up for months, it could get dropped the day before it is scheduled to begin.  And there I am, left short thousands of dollars.   Even more, some jobs that I do work may or may not pay me right away.  I’ve literally had to wait over 2 months to receive paychecks before – and that was when I worked for BIG, Hollywood productions!  Seriously!  I had to FIGHT them for my paycheck.  It’s absurd.  Other times, I can get paid that same day or week.  Nothing is set in stone or is for certain.

I have to sacrifice time with friends and family.  This is a tough one!  Luckily, for me, my friends and family are finally (after 6 years of being in the industry) beginning to understand.  But that doesn’t mean it’s easy – for me or for them.

Not that long ago, I had to forgo one of my good friend’s baby showers because I got an out of town gig that day.  I haven’t seen her in years (because she moved away) and was really looking forward to reuniting with her and my other girl friends.  With that being said, it’s tax season, and I couldn’t afford to turn down this camera operating gig.  Furthermore, my best friend had this charity event planned for the end of April for months now and I was planning on attending and really looking forward to it.  Low and behold, just last week, I booked a gig for that exact weekend in Michigan.  I had to cancel on her and I felt terrible.  Still feel terrible.  It’s NOT easy.  My husband and I had to turn down $2,000 of work to go to my brother’s wedding (we obviously weren’t going to miss THAT).  It’s a huge balancing act that we are constantly struggling to perfect.



Not only do we sacrifice comfort, security and time… we have to make choices on where to spend our money.  Thus, we forgo home luxuries and such. We do not drive nice cars or do we own a home.  Rather, we rent an apartment in the city and bought (out of pocket, in full) old, used cars.  THAT, alone, saves us SO MUCH MONEY in which all goes towards traveling.   I hear, very often, people with overly big homes (like five bedrooms when they’re a family of three) and brand new, decked out Audis complaining that they can not afford to travel and that they really wish they could travel more.  Well, I hate to break it to you…you CHOSE that life.  You weren’t willing to sacrifice your luxury and comfort for a life of traveling.  And that is OKAY.  However, if you TRULY wanted to travel all the time and live that life… you would sell that car and home and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This leads to children and pets…

Again, I get this ALL THE TIME:  “Well, you don’t have kids so that’s why you can travel”.  And it’s said to us as almost an insult.  However, they’re right.  The life we live would be MUCH harder to maintain if we had children.  But AGAIN, we chose NOT to have kids.  It was a choice we had to make to live the life we live.  This is the same for dogs – I would LOVE to have a puppy but it’s not at all conducive for our lifestyle.  Just about once a week, we’re traveling for work or for fun.  We can’t leave a puppy in a hotel room all day long as we work hours upon hours.

I also have to constantly answer the question, “Do you think you and your husband will ever settle down?”.  It’s almost as if they’re degrading us with this question.  As if we’re drunken roadies, aimlessly following around some rock bands.  Our answer remains the same:  WE LOVE OUR LIFE.  THIS IS WHAT WE CHOOSE.  Not sure why everyone feels that settling down is a MUST when you grow older. But let me assure you, it’s NOT.  You’re 100% entitled to design the life YOU dream of – even if it does not fit the mould of what society and family and friends *think* is the right choice or the the right path.    EVERYONE is DIFFERENT.  Remember this.

What am I getting at?  I’m getting to the point that our life is not all rainbows and sunshine; as I’ve stated above, it’s full of compromise, sacrifice and tough choices.  It’s full of misunderstandings and judgement.  BUT, nonetheless, it is the life we WANT.  So, if you’d like to have a similar life, just remember – it’s not always sunny.  It rains on our parade, too.

“Well, why doesn’t your social media show that?” – people

Yes.  Yes.  My social media is full of positivity and happiness because..

  1.  I do NOT like to air out my problems.  It’s just who I am.  I hate any and all forms of pity and NEVER want to have people feel “pity” for me.  I am a strong individual who can handle and overcome my problems – some times with the help of friends and family in real life.  I’m a bit private when it comes to this.
  2. I am rarely in a bad mood, so most my social media is true to ME.  I’m an optimistic and happy individual who loves to inspire, motivate and bring joy to others.
  3. I am GENUINELY happy with my life.
  4. This blog post is my way of being REAL – showing you the other side.  The obstacles and hardships.


The Positive

I have the freedom to travel and adventure, near and far, and constantly meet new people in new places.  I have endless experiences in which I grow and learn from – providing me with knowledge and wisdom, grace and kindness, understanding and compassion, open-mind and insight.  My life I live is helping shape me into the person I strive to be with each and every step along the way.

This life is not routine.  I despise routine.  I don’t like to know what each day holds – I thrive with unpredictability and change.  And my life affords me JUST that.  It’s spontaneous and exciting, with all its ups and downs.

My lifestyle helps me regulate my emotions.  I’ve learned to deal with defeat and let downs, like when a job I’m super pumped about gets cancelled – I’ve learned to cope with it.  I’ve learned to not pout and be depressed.  I’ve learned to MOVE ON.  Leave things in the past.  Enjoy the present.  Look forward to the FUTURE.  Just breath and roll with the tides of life.

I’ve learned to push myself out of my comfort zone and say “screw you” to my anxiety.  I’ve taken jobs that I (admittedly) have been under qualified for or unsure of.  I decided to just apply and give it a go – and what would you know?  I’ve succeeded at them.  You NEVER know until you try.  And what’s the worst that will happen?  That job hates me and I get fired?  Who cares.   I’ll find another. 🙂    So many people don’t apply for jobs and try for positions because they don’t meet one or two qualifications – but heck with that!  I DO!  And it’s worth it.  Fake it till’ you make it has done wonders for my career.  Never be afraid to try and fail.

Words of advice:  Everything I’ve ever been afraid to do – yet still did – has been the MOST worth it.  With no risk, comes little to no reward.


With ALL this being said, I hope this blog post helped to answer some of your questions – at least the questions that I often receive.  I also hope this provided some insight into the life of a traveling freelance tv/film person / travel blogger.   If you have ANY questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments!

Much love and Happy Travels! xoxo


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5 thoughts on “How do you travel so much?

  1. Absolutely loved this post and it really resonated with me. You are SO inspiring. I truly admire your resilience, passion and freedom. I get a lot of the same snarky comments and judgement, but I truly believe most of this comes from a bit of envy. We each have different paths as you stated. Keep living your dreams and inspiring others to do the same!

    1. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it! And I’m happy to see I’m not alone in receiving such judgement and remarks haha! And I agree with you, I believe it does come from a bit of envy and a bit of misunderstanding.. they just don’t get it because it’s not for them. Or it’s atypical. Lol. You keep living your dreams and beautiful life as well, dear! I look forward to reading more of your posts ☺️❤️🤟🏻

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