7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever During the Pandemic

10 ways to combat cabin fever

2 of 7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever:

Workout and move your body at home

Considering moving is part of my brand, it goes without saying: I need to move. Even more, exercising is a healthy habit and an essential practice to implement into our daily lives. All this down time is the perfect opportunity to strike up an exercise routine that works best for you.

Thanks to the internet, there are a bevy of instructional at home workout videos to follow along with. Personally, I’ve been taking full advantage of the free subscription Down Dog Yoga App is offering during the pandemic. Down Dog is a solid app with customizable practices and it is suitable for all stages (beginners included). The app even allows its users to stream their practice on their TV screen via Chromecast.

What is Google Chromecast?

What are some of the yoga practice customizations this app includes?

  1. Choose the type of practice you wish to do: Full Practice, Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Quick Flow, Yin, Ashtanga and more.
  2. Pick the background music: nature sounds, spiritual, ambient, acoustic, alt beats plus others.
  3. Set your pace (from slowest to fastest).
  4. Decide on your yoga practice level (anywhere between beginner 1 to advanced).
  5. Give your practice a boost and focus on a specific area: chest and shoulder stretches, aerobic, core strength, flexibility, breathing, hip stretches and the list goes on.
  6. Settle on your practice length for the day: choose any length at all! Then, choose the length of Savasana to end with.

All in all, moving your body releases endorphins that can aid in combatting any negative emotions you may be experiencing while stuck at home.

Shop the yoga mat I use below:

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