7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever During the Pandemic

10 ways to combat cabin fever

5 of 7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever:

Journal and write down your feelings. Express yourself

These are unprecedented times we are experiencing and, naturally, we’re experiencing a flood of foreign emotions as a result. Expressing your thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic and even a form of negative release. By outwardly releasing your inner emotions onto paper or screen, you’re able to make space for new and improved thoughts. And, self-expression is a key factor in communicating better with your own soul – it’s a personal growth mechanism I find very beneficial and enlightening.

“Journals are like a checkpoint between your emotions and the world” – clinical psychologist Beth Jacobs, Ph.D

For example, I was feeling all the feels yesterday after finally getting some quality time to hike in nature. My forest bath rejuvenated my spirit and I felt the urge to express these bubbling emotions pronto. So, I sat down and wrote a poem that expressed all that I felt in that moment. Is it good? Probably not. Do I care? No. Want to know why? Because it FELT good to express myself.

Letting overwhelming emotions fester is never a healthy option. Rather, opt to improve and heighten your emotional intelligence by taking healthy and proactive steps, such as writing and/or journaling. Distancing yourself from your emotions allows you the opportunity to evaluate from the outside; pinpoint patterns, gain relief and make sense of it all.

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