7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever During the Pandemic

10 ways to combat cabin fever

7 of 7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever:


Relaxation is crucial for managing cabin fever symptoms, such as: restlessness, agitation, depression and anxiety BUT it’s not always easy to do. Find ways that most effectively get your mind, body and soul to relax.


Meditation has been a widely used and proven practice to reduce stress, control anxiety, improve sleep and decrease blood pressure. Find a peaceful area of your home or yard, get in the most comfortable position (laying or sitting) and clear your mind while focusing on your breath. To help guide your meditation, try using the free Insight Timer App.

Another helpful tool is to focus on…

  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can feel
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste

Enact a calming practice to enhance self-awareness:

For many, this may be simply praying or journaling. Although I do these things as well, I also find guidance and introspection by doing Tarot Readings. The ritual is very relaxing for me, thanks to: the smell of the incense, the aesthetic of the crystals, the ambience of the candle light and the vibrations of the soothing music. I become self-aware by interpreting the cards and by reflecting on my life, understanding how they relate. While journaling these readings, I simultaneously focus on 5 initial things I see in my card, 4 things that the card makes me feel, 3 things I hear guiding me, 2 things I smell surrounding me and a taste I have in my mouth.

A few products / companies I consistently use during my Tarot Readings are as follow:

For more on this topic, check out my post below.

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