7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever During the Pandemic

10 ways to combat cabin fever

6 of 7 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever:

Learn a new skill or brush up on an old one

Learning a new skill, or brushing up on an old one, is a rewarding endeavor. Not only does it engage your mind by keeping your neural pathways active, but it can also be therapeutic for a worried brain. Unlocking new potentials is a tremendous self-esteem booster and is a gateway to motivation, inspiration, and discipline.

There are a multitude of learning resources available online and some of them are even free (hence: YouTube, blogs, forums etc).

Personally, I have been diving into SEO classes as well as brushing up on my photography and wilderness skills/knowledge. While these are practical things that help me grow and improve my business and life, they’re also fun and rewarding – so it’s a win-win combination.

combatting cabin fever with photography practice at Kenny Mill Pennsylvania
Photo I took while hiking in Kennedy Mill during social distancing, 4/20/20.

Learning photography while social distancing:

Aside from online blogs, videos and my photographer husband (of course), I found the book (below) to be extremely helpful in building my photography skillset. National Geographic Complete Photography doesn’t just tell you how to do things, rather it explains why you’re settings should be set a certain why to achieve a certain look +more. For instance, if I’m looking to shoot landscape photos, then I simply turn to the specific landscape photography chapter to learn how to best achieve my goal. It’s very comprehensive, ranging from a chapter dedicated to lenses and exposure to sections dedicated to National Geographic photographers giving you their professional notes. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Learning a new language at home:

Furthermore, a goal of mine is to learn Spanish with the help of a rad gift from my parents:

However, there are other ways to go about this like the free option of using Duolingo. In my opinion, it’s a good tool but not nearly as effective as Living Language (above) or Rosetta Stone.

Why learn a new language? Knowing multiple languages is an extremely valuable skillset when traveling, when meeting and communicating with different people and when applying for a job or promotion etc (it’s great on applications of all sorts). Effective communication is clutch when navigating through life and learning a new language is an ultimate way to improve upon your communication skills.

Learning survival skills:

searching for edible plants locally to combat cabin fever during pandemic

In what appears to be apocalyptic times, it makes one wonder “am I fit to survive?” On top of this burning question, I already love camping and surviving in the great outdoors so it’s the perfect recipe. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to bring along my trusty pocket guides (below) while hiking in the woods. Who says you can’t simultaneously enjoy a hike while closely studying your surroundings? To me, it adds to the fun and excitement. You can even make a game out of it with your family: who can identify the most animal tracks or edible plants?

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